Tips for Trekking Tours in Cusco, Peru


There are some trekking tips that you could use to ensure that the trekking tour to Cusco, Peru is a success. The first thing you need to do is prepare yourself well for the altitude by ensuring that you are spending a few days at a high place before you depart for the trek. The other thing you need to be aware of is that you might still be fit but suffer from the changes in altitude and this is why you need to acclimatize. You might have been to the same altitude before and the next time you go there you still get affected. It is vital to acclimatize so that the lungs get used to breathing air that is thinner. 


It is important to make sure that you are fit. Moderate fitness will help you do treks comfortably but if you are not fit, you will have to make sure that you climb hills prior to the trek. Since it is not a race to trek, you should just go at your own pace. Most tours will give you time to take it easy during the trail. Stopping to rest more frequently will make the trek more fun and enjoyable. This way you will get to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that Cusco has to offer rather than getting to the camp way to early just to set up the tent. To know more about hiking, visit


You will notice that everyone has their own style when it comes to trekking but if you can take consistent and slow steps, you will find the trek more satisfying. The trekking shoes you choose should be well fitting otherwise you will have a hard time walking in them. It is advisable that you choose shoes that you frequently walk in rather than new ones that you do not know how they feel when walking in them, learn more here!


Ensure that you have a medical kit and that it is well stocked so that in case you get a blister, you can do first aid on it before going too far. Also remember to carry an extra pair of socks so that your feet are warmer at night. There are different types of people, those you carry walking sticks and those who do not prefer them. Usually, walking sticks will help you balance especially when going downhill and with resting when going up the hill. Lastly, carry some sweets that will help in boosting your sugar, click for more to know more!

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